We are an 'Infection-on-a-chip' lab in India

The Human-Relevant Infection Biology Group aims to dissect complex infection states, with a focus on chronic wounds and biofilms, towards developing composite, precision-based infection therapeutics.

Our Research Leads to

Insights into complex infection microenvironments

Alternatives to animal testing

Platforms for Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery

Precision-based infection therapeutics

Drugs developed using animal models may not work in human clinical trials.

Feature in Nature India (February 2020)

Why infection research in India must become relevant to humans

What works in mice may not work in humans, especially in infectious diseases, argue Surat Parvatam and Karishma Kaushik

Custom designed logo created by Snehal Kadam (Twitter: @sne_kad)

It represents the main focus areas of our group - building in vitro human-relevant infection platforms, dissecting host-microbe interactions, and developing composite infection therapeutics

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