It is important TO DO great research

It is also important TO ENJOY doing great research

Har Gobind Khorana Award from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health, Government of India at the DBT Foundation Day Program

A moment of pride for our young research group!

February 2020, New Delhi

Festive Season Lunch

October 2021

B-AMP Team meet up

Fun to meet in 'real' for the first time!

August 2021

Chai with 'Tweeps'

Thank you Anshita for setting this up!

It was a whole lot of fun to catch up with Twitter friends!

February 2021

Our commune in IBB, SPPU :)

January 2021

Lab Lunch!

Our young group gave it all inspite the vagaries of 2020!

December 2020

We contributed to

Nature's Quote of the Day! :)

The community reaching out to us!

We are grateful and always there for the community!

August 2020

Traditional Day at Galapagos Festival, IBB, SPPU

National Integration on display!

February 2020

Dress Retro Day at at Galapagos Festival, IBB, SPPU

That 70's show!

February 2020

Celebrating the IYBA grant and Vandana's birthday!

January 2020

Field trip with students as part of Animal Biodiversity Class

Central Bee Research Institute, Pune

October 2019

Field trip to Alice Garden with students as part of Animal Biodiversity Class

8:00 am has never looked so enthusiastic!

October 2019

Never too early to learn A,T,G,C !

Momming the job :)

September 2019

A microbiologists' pilgrimage to the Fleming Museum in Paddington, London.

Paid reverence to the bench and room where Penicillin was discovered!

Eurobiofilms, September 2019

Conducted a fun sci-art activity as part of Student Induction Program for the incoming batch of students.

The students brought the activity to life!


August 2019

An iconic institution.

Savitribai Phule Pune University

August 2019

Bacterial strains!

May 2019

It takes a village to build a science career. Grateful to our commune.

Faculty and Staff at IBB, SPPU

May 2019

Many coffees and sandwiches went into writing that review paper !

December 2018

New Beauties on the Block!

November 2018

Putting cells to work!

Snehal and Karishma reviving the first cell line, what a day!

November 2018