Wounds and Biofilm Infections

The wound infection microenvironment

In wound infections, an intricate communicative network exists between host cells, extracellular matrix, microbes, and immune cells, which are regulated by complex chemical and mechanical cues.

Microbial biofilms are the single-most important cause of non-healing wounds

An in vitro platform that mimics the wound infection milieu

We have developed an in vitro, biomimetic fluid that aims to recapitulate key components and their functions present in the wound infection milieu. This platform lends itself well to study important wound infection parameters such as bacterial growth, biofilm formation and metabolic activity, cell migration and wound closure, and can importantly be leveraged to explore three-dimensional biofilm architecture in human relevant wound conditions.

Developing a human-relevant, bioengineered platform for wound bed studies and translational applications

Using a bioengineering 'lab-on-chip' approach, we have developed an in vitro platform that mimics the architecture and biophysical factors of the wound state. Developing using in house design, software, and mechanical components, this platform is designed to be suitable for microscopy and cell and microbial culture. It will provide insights into the dynamic wound infection microenvironment and can be leveraged to evaluate therapeutics for wound infections.

Funded by the Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India

Human-Relevant Pre-clinical Testing of Infection Therapeutics

A microengineered platform for accelerated and high-throughput testing of infection therapeutics, including anti-biofilm approaches

Developing a biomimetic wound infection platform for accelerated and high-throughput pre-clinical testing of infection therapeutics

We aim to develop an in vitro model of the wound infection state that lends itself well for high-throughput, accelerated, precise, reproducible, accurate and low-cost testing and development of infection therapeutics. This will not only serve as an alternative to animal testing, but also open a new paradigm in infection therapeutics development with the 'Test more, Fail fast' approach.

Funded by Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA), Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India

Potential other projects

Dissecting host-microbial dynamics in chronic wound infections, with special reference to immune cell dynamics

Using an in vitro, biomimetic model of the chronic wound-bed capillary interface, our research will study immune cell signaling and expression, under selective and precise conditions of the chronic wound infection state. This will provide invaluable insights into immune cell functioning and potential therapeutics towards the chronic wound infection state.

Long-term characterization of microbial populations from patients with chronic wound infection states

We are starting a research project that focuses on long-term characterization of microbial populations from patients with chronic wound infections. We are looking to collaborate with clinicians/clinical microbiologists/infectious disease specialists/surgeons and academic faculty.

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