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Karishma was featured in Punyabhushan's 'Diwali Ank' for our research and wider contributions to the science ecosystem in India!

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Team CPHMS from AIC-CCMB visited us to create a feature our work on 'Infection on a chip' models for their IndiaBioscience Outreach Grant!

January 2023

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Thank ypou Kadambari and Anushka for all the work!

Karishma shared the groups research focus on developing alternatives to animal models with Mustafa Inamdar and team from Biotech Talks.

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Karishma was featured in a Trends in Microbiology #ECR focus initiative

Check out all our work on and off the bench, and some fun lab photos!

With the science outreach podcast 'India Asks Why?' Karishma discussed how oral microbes are studied in the lab!

Thank you Utsuka, Jigyasa and India Asks Why for the opportunity!

'Behind the Scenes' with Talk To A Scientist

We shared the behind the scenes journey of TTAS with Joel Joseph!

Read how the platform works week after week, the challenges, the triumphs, the vision!

'Behind the Scenes' of our B-AMP work!

Stutee, Shreeya and Karishma wrote about how a remote intrenship during the pandemic turned into a community resource for antimicrobial peptides against biofilms and publication.

Karishma was interviewed for a Science Communication feature in Nature Medicine.

Thank you Meenakshi J for the opportunity to talk about our work with Talk To A Scientist India!

Our work on developing reduced serum methods for cell culture was featured in IndiaBioscience.

An ethical step towards animal reduction in research!

Radhika attended the JRC Summer Science School on Non-animal approaches in science. She conveyed her key learnings in this AIC-CCMB newsletter.

July 2021

Karishma shared her thoughts with her YI colleagues on how YIM 2021 can be best leveraged by participant YIs and PDFs

March 2021

Karishma was features as one of #365IndianWomeninSTEM in The Life of Science project.

Thank you Dr. Poonam Thakur, IISER Thiruvananthapuram for the nomination and TLoS for the feature.

Feature in Mothers in Science

A SciMom is a rewarding and challenging journey, hope this article helps others!

July 2021

Karishma shared our research work with TIGS, Bangalore, in this feature article written for their Science Serving Society section

June 2021

Biopatrika interviewed Snehal about her work in developing an in vitro wound milieu. She also talks of the many initiatives she is a part of in science, outreach, professional development and beyond.

Read them all here!

June 2021

Biopatrika interviewed Snehal, Rahika and Atharva (a school intern in our group) on our recent work on develop reduced serum approaches for cell culture

May 2021

Great work all!

Karishma shared her thoughts with Editage Insights on being an academic mom during the pandemic.

The Science Paradox chatted with Karishma about her thoughts for young women charting their science careers.


Snehal was featured in the Marathi daily Loksatta!

She spoke of the work she did with us!

Congratulations Snehal!

March 2021

Read about our collaborative Royal Society International Exchange project with Dr. Joey Shepherd, UK.

We will build a human-relevant preclinical platform to serve as an alternative to animal testing.

February 2021

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As part of Science Media Centre IISER Pune's SciTalk Series, Karishma chatted with Suchibrata Borah on a range of topics close to her heart!

January 2021

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Karishma shared her thoughts with Editage Insights in this series!

Part 1 - Changing career paths

Part 2 - Be the change you want to see in academic science

Part 3 - Researchers need to work on the 'communication' part of science communication

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Our work on historical remedies for biofilms from traditional Indian medicine was featured in the Deccan Herald.

November 2020

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How we coped with the lockdown and yet continued our contributions to Indian science?

July 2020

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Faces of Science

November 2020

Thank you for this feature, hope for it to indicate that unconventional career paths are possible!

Snehal was featured in IndiaBioscience!

June 2020

"You can take the scientist out of the lab, but the passionate ones will still find a way to science!"

Read about how we 'pivoted' our work during lockdown and contributed to science, even when away from the lab!

Snehal played a critical role in these efforts.

Snehal was featured in Preprints by preLighters!

May 2020

Read about our work on reduced-serum approaches to co-culture fibroblasts and keratinocytes in direct contact with each other.

International Women's Day 2020

Science Media Centre IISER Pune

Karishma shared her thoughts on what 'support' means to women in STEM.

How has YIM impacted your scientific journey? February 2020

Karishma shared her thoughts with IndiaBioscience on the impact of the Young Investigator Meeting 2019 in Guwahati, Assam, India on her return to India journey! Read on for some interesting insights!

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We shared our thoughts with Nature INDIA on the impact of impact factor-driven research in India !

“When a scientist’s survival is determined by impact factors, ethics becomes the privilege of a few who can afford to be ethical"

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