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Karishma was a member of Sahana Vasudevan's PhD committee defense.

Congratulations to Sahana and Dr. Adline Princy Solomon for the work! Best wishes to Sahava for her future professional pursuits!

September 2022

Kadam S, Methwani K, Kaushik KS.

Biofilms with a dash of color: A hands-on acrtivity for school students to build a biofilm model and use it to understand antibiotic tolerance in biofilms.

J Microbiol Biol Educ (2022).

This model was built and executed by Talk To A Scientist for India Science Festival (January 2022).

Kaushik K, Zinjarde S. An Interactive, Accessible and Affordable Science-Art Based Activity to Foster Team-Building among New Students. J Microbiol Biol Educ (2020).

We describe a hands-on science-art based activity organized as part of an orientation program for new students at our institute. Based on developing team-building skills and serving as an ‘ice-breaker’ for incoming students, this activity aims at creating a composite piece of art work depicting a scientific theme. In our experience, this activity is well-suited for implementation and improvisations as a collaborative, time-and cost-effective tool for new student engagement in a classroom setting.

The entire activity was executed at a cost of ~$1.50 (INR 100) per participant!

We thank the 2019-2024 batch of students for their participation, enthusiasm and for bringing the activity to life.

Karwa S, Kadam S, Kaushik K (2020).

How do Scientists develop antibiotics? Front. Young Minds.

In this article written for young minds, we explain how antibiotics, commonly used for bacterial infections, are developed from the laboratory to the pharmacy.

Kadam S, Kaushik K (2020).

From Ouch to Ah-ha! Understanding Wounds, Healing and Infections. Front. Young Minds.

In this article written for young minds, we explain the ABCs of wound infections, stages of wound healing and how bacteria can delay this process.

Virtual student induction program at IBB, SPPU - 2021

Karishma conducted the student induction program and an ice break activity with the new batch of students 2021-2026!

Novemnber 2021

Virtual student induction program at IBB, SPPU - 2020

October 2020 - Happy to have met our new batch of students 2020-2025!

Courses co-taught/developed at university of Pune

Vaccines (IBB, SPPU)

Basics in Virology (IBB, SPPU and Dept. of Microbiology, SPPU)

Laboratory exercises in Animal Biodiversity (IBB, SPPU)

Animal Physiology (laboratory and theory) (IBB, SPPU)

Introduction to Microbiology and Genetics (IBB, SPPU)

English (scientific writing, literature review, social media as a professional tool, powerpoint presentations, poster designing, and more)

New courses being co-taught

Immunology and Advanced Immunology (IBB, SPPU)

Host-Pathogen Interactions (IBB, SPPU)

Nanotechnology and Biomaterials (IBB, SPPU)