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We are embarking on Season 3, after 20 consecutive sessions (two seasons!)

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season 3

science relevant to india

Talk to a Scientist about spiders of india

October 19, 2020

A hands on session with a difference - with guest scientist Dr. Vena Kapoor

Take images of spiders in your vicinity, fill out the observation sheet and discuss your finding with a spider scientist!

Feel like a field biologist!

Talk to a Scientist about skin pigmentation diversity in india

October 12, 2020

With guest scientist Dr. Chandana Basu.

Your skin is an example of evolution across centuries - evolution that you can touch, feel, and see!

Talk to a Scientist about rabies in india

October 5, 2020

What causes rabies? How are animals associated with the disease? How does the rabies vaccine work?

Join and share!

Talk to a Scientist about tiger conservation in india

September 28, 2020

With Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan, India's 'Tiger Woman'!

Will tigers in India survive to the year 2100?

How can genetics contribute to tiger conservation in India?

Talk to a Scientist about medical biotechnology in india

September 21, 2020

With Dr. Ashwini Kumar, a great friend and supported of our young minds platform!

Learn about India's accomplishments in vaccination, artificial heart valves, and COVID efforts!

Talk to a Scientist about tuberculosis and india

September 14, 2020

Know more about the organism that causes tuberculosis, available treatments and the unique vaccination approach for serious forms of this infection!

Talk to a Scientist about malaria and india

September 7, 2020

What causes malaria? How is the disease transmitted? What is India's place in the history of malaria research?

With guest scientist Dr. Shruti Vembar, who works on this parasite!

Talk to a Scientist about historical indian medicine

August 31, 2020

What is historical Indian medicine? How is it made and used? How can we test these remedies with modern science?

Talk to a Scientist about peafowl behavior

August 24, 2020

Learn more about human-wild life interactions!

With guest scientist Dr. Dhanashree Paranjpe who studies our national bird in the wild!

Talk to a Scientist about the science heritage of india

August 17, 2020

Great contributions on Indian Scientists!

History of Indian Science!

Join us as we embark on Season 3, focused on Science Relevant to India.

season 2

Deep-dive into science concepts

Talk to a Scientist about dna extraction!

August 10, 2020

A Hands on session!

Extract DNA from a Banana using soap and sanitizer!

Simple, at-home ingredients.

Join us, this is going to be fun!

A young mind had his 'lab bench' ready with experimental supplies!

Thank you for sharing this pic with us!

Talk to a Scientist about animal behavior!

August 3, 2020

Can dogs count? How do bees know where to find food? Why do crickets sing?

With guest scientist Dr. Anindita Bhadra, who studies behavior in free-ranging dogs!

Talk to a Scientist about Immunology in the lab!

July 27, 2020

What is the immune system? How does it recognize microbes? How is this used in the diagnosis of infections?

Talk to a Scientist about human cells in the lab!

July 20, 2020

How and why do we grow human cells in the lab? How do appear under a microscope?

You will never look at your skin the same way again! :)

Diversity is biology!

Using science to influence society.

One webinar for young minds at a time.

Talk to a Scientist about how organs develop!

July 13, 2020

How do different cells make up an organ? How do we grow from a few cells to a complete being?

We are joined by Dr. Anup Padmanabhan, guest scientist!

Talk to a Scientist about how we study molecules!

July 6, 2020

How do we 'make' DNA in the lab? Learn a cool computer tool to study genes from different organisms!

"DNA is the HTML language for organisms", said a 12 year old after this session! Never too early to bridge interdisciplinary concepts!

Talk to a Scientist about LIFE IN ANTARCTICA!

June 29, 2020

What is life like in Antarctica ?

How do living creatures survive in an extremely cold landscape?

We are joined by our guest scientist Dr. Avinash Sharma who visited Antarctica on an Indian mission to explore microbes and life!

Talk to a Scientist about MINI ORGANS!

June 22, 2020

What are mini organs?

How do scientists make them and what are their uses?

Talk to a Scientist about YOUR BRAIN!

June 15, 2020

Can we live without memories?

How does sleep, stress and exercise affect our memories?

Our first guest scientist Dr. Bhaktee Dongaonkar who studies the brain!

Talk to a Scientist about


June 8, 2020

How do organisms such as fire-flies glow?

How do we use 'glowing' organisms for science in the lab?

We have completed 10 interactive sessions over 10 weeks!

We have enjoyed the company of close to 400 participants (an average of 40 children in each session), from all over India, and even the UK, US, Singapore and Dubai.

We are excited to share that our next sessions will focus on a deep-dive into science, with a few surprise scientists! We will of course be there!

season 1

sharing the joy of science!

Talk to a Scientist about


June 1, 2020

A Hands-on Session!

Microbial ecology in a Jar!

A Hands-on Biology experiment for young minds with easy, at-home supplies.

Talk to a Scientist about

DNA and Heredity

May 25, 2020

Why do my eyes look like Daddy's eyes? What does my blood group have to do with that of my parents? What is 'genealogy'?

Talk to a Scientist about


May 18, 2020

Is animal protein essential for COVID-19 to survive in the human body? Are vegetarians affected by COVID-19? Should you believe everything on the internet? How do you bust 'magical cures'?

Talk to a Scientist about


May 11, 2020

How do mosquitoes transmit Dengue? Why does it happen during the monsoon? How can we protect ourselves and our surroundings?

Talk to a Scientist about


May 4, 2020

A Virtual Tour of a Biology Laboratory!

See how we grow bacteria, use a microscope, and all that it takes to keep the lab running.

Talk to a Scientist about MICROBES in the FOOD WE EAT!

April 27, 2020

A great session - cheese, bread, dosas, kimchi - can it get better

Talk to a Scientist about VACCINES!

April 20, 2020

An opportunity to discuss India's success with Polio eradication!

Talk to a Scientist about ANTIBIOTICS!

April 13, 2020

In our third session, we talk about how antibiotics were discovered, how they act, and the huge global problem of antibiotic resistance!

Talk to a Scientist about BIOFILMS!

April 6, 2020

In our second session, we talk about how bacteria build houses, and share our work on these fascinating pieces of microbial architecture!

We heard a unique definition of biofilms from our young friend - 'Caramel sauce (matrix) with chocolate sprinkles (bacteria)!'

Talk to a Scientist about COVID-19!

March 30, 2020

Our first session was appropriate, much-needed and a widely appreciated!

We had over 65 young minds, and 100s of Qs!

Want us to host an interactive online session for young minds anywhere in India, or the world?

While our sessions are typically in English, we are comfortable doing this in Hindi as well.

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