She knew that she had found the right lab when, during an interview, a potential supervisor tilted his computer screen towards her. “He showed me four or five e-mails he’d got that day from families — not from other scientists,” says Ivancevic. One asked about his research on the genetics of severe epilepsy in women and whether there had been any recent advances. “It didn’t matter if he published a paper that year or not,” she says. “He still would have answered those e-mails. That’s real-life impact right there.”

Navigating the early-career track as a faculty fellow in the Indian science ecosystem

In the fifth year as a Faculty Fellow, Karishma shares her learnings and experiences, with an aim to continue to make faculty fellow programs a a'win-win-win' situation for early-career scientists, host institutes and the science ecosystem at large. 

The Bollywood Spotlight on Scientists

A conversation at India Science Festival, January 2023 

Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Maya Sharma and Karishma S Kaushik 

Should we portray iconic narratives when science is a team effort?

Should we bring nationalistic flavour when representing Indian science in movies when science is a global pursuit?

When portraying science in Bollywood, how do we balance commercial viability with accurate representation of science?

This was an engaging discussion!

Karishma presented the groups 'Wound Infection on a Chip' work at the India EMBO Lecture Course on Microphysiological Systems organized by the Centre for Predictive Model Systems, AIC-CCMB, DBT India and EMBO!

We had some excellent suggestions and questions from the audience, thank you!

Karishma received an EMBO childcare grant to attend the India EMBO Lecture Course on Microphysiological Systems!

This grant enabled her son to travel with her for the conference, with travel and accommodation costs covered. 

Thank you Centre for Predictive Model Systems, AIC-CCMB, DBT India and EMBO!

We need more childcare grants to enable scientist-parents' to participate in conference experiences!

Read what this childcrare grant meant to Karishma in the CPHMS November 2022 newsletter!

Shreeya and Nizam presented their work as posters at the India EMBO Course on Microphysiological systems at CCMB-IICT Hyderabad.

We are proud of them both!

Karishma chaired and participated in a panel discussion on Applying for PhD, postdocs and internships in the area of Microphysiological Systems at the India EMBO Course!

Thanks to Drs. Uday Saxena, Armin Wolf and David Palmies for being a part!

November 2022

Karishma shared her thoughts on Crafting a Unique Career Path with ACS Webinars!

Thank you ACS and Dr. Harshita Pawar for the opportunity!

November 2022

Karishma shared her views on Bullying in Academia with THINK Academia and Cactus Communications. 

An all pervasive and challenging concern. 

Lets make academia a better place!

As part of the India Science Festival inaugural session, Karishma discussed challenges and solutions for research in India, and developing a faciliating environment for nextgen researchers in India.

January 2022

At Peer Review Week 2022, Karishma shared her thoughts on what researches expect from peer review with colleagues from all over the world!

Lets start with a transparent, fair and timely review!

Thank you for the opportunity Editage Insights!

September 2022

At the Asian Chemical Biology Initiative 2022 meeting at IISER Pune, Karishma presented the group's work on buiding a 4-D wound microenvironement to study biofilms!

Thank you for the opportunity!

September 2022

Karishma presented the 'Wound Infection on a Chip' work as a poster at Eurobiofilms, Spain 2022 on behalf of Nizam!

September 2022

Nizam presented his 'Wound Infection on a Chip' work at The University of Sheffield, School of Clinical Dentistry, UK among colleagues and collaborators!

August 2022

Karishma spoke to PhD students, early-career reseaerchers and faculty at the EMBO Lecture Series on Functional Nucleic Acids at RCB, Faridabad on 

'Work-Life Balance: Reframing the Narrative'

Thank you for the opportunity!

August 2022

Karishma shared her thoughts with The Kitchen Lab on her journey and what keeps her going!

Balancing the two worlds - Karishma's journey through science and motherhood!

Thank you Binita and team!

June 2022

Karishma shared how Talk To A Scientist was built and grown as a national science outreach platform for young minds in India. 

Thank you Karthick Bala and Agharkar Research Institute, Pune for the invitation on the occasion of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav!

August 2022

Karishma was invited to host a session on 'Crafting a Research Talk' at the 

National PostDoc Symposium 2022, IISER Thiruvananthapuram.

Thank you for the opportunity!

July 2022

Karishma spoke of her experience with returning and establishing an independent research group in India at YIM 2022.

'Settling in and Branching out!'

May 2022

At Zenith 2022, organized by Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane, Karishma gave a talk on

 The Indian Physician-Scientist: Where, When, How and Why?

Thank you for the invitation and the wonderful experience to talk with medical students!

June 2022

Karishma shared her thoughts with students as part of the CSRI-IMMT Jigyasa Outreach Program.

Thank you for the opportunity!

February 2022

As part of the Science Diplomacy Working Group of the Global Young Academy (GYA), Karishma worked with the team to write an opinion piece on leveraging digital tools and social media for science diplomacy in South Asia. 

Karishma presented the groups' research work at the National Research Scholars' Meet (NRSM), ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.

Nizam, Radhika, Shreeya and Gandhar also presented posters of their ongoing work. 

December 2021

Karishma particpated in and presented her thoughts on Science Communication in the South Asian context at the INGSA Open Science Program.

December 2021

Karishma was part of a team that conducted a workshop for PhD students at the Institute of Public Health's Annual PhD worskshop training.

It was a lively session!

January 2022

Karishma and medical student Ashis George wrote a commentary for Nature India, on how the antibiotic tolerance of microbial biofilms compare with the COVID-19 response.

November 2021

In a recent recorded talk with Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences (SSBS), Karishma discussed the group's work on the B-AMP repository.

November 2021

Karishma leveraged the groups' work related to building an in vitro wound milieuw for wound biofilms to discuss human-relevant studies in microbiology at the NIUS, HBSCE-TIFR interaction with students.

November 2021

For the second year, Karishma was invited to discuss the role of online platforms in building one's research profile and career at the career Development Workshop for Women in Physics 2021, organized by OWSD, Trieste, Italy.

November 2021

Karishma shared the groups' research work at a seminar organized by Yenepoya Research Centre

Thank you for the opportunity!

It was the first time we spoke of our latest B-AMP respository.

November 2021

Karishma was part of the second round table discussion on building human relevant research in India with AIC-CCMB.

September 2021

Thank you for the opportunity Surat Parvatam and CPHMS, AIC-CCMS!

International Microorganisms' Day

Karishma shared recent work from the lab in a seminar organized by Universidad Catolica De Maule, Chile.

September 2021

Thank you Dr. Aparna Banerjee for the opportunity!

It was an interesting and enjoyable conversation with SCWIST, Canada on barriers and challenges to women, persons of color and LGBTQIA+ persons in STEM. 

September 2021

Thank you Priyanka Jamadagni for the opportunity!

With colleagues from the UK and Portugal, Karishma particpated in a discussion on leveraging the oral microbiome as a tool against premalignant lesions and oral cancer.

September 2021

Thank you Snehal, Deepti, Celia and Sudhanshu for the conversation!

With Nature India and other scientists from across the country, Karishma shared her thoughts on how the pandemic touched the lives of scientists.

Thank you Nature India for the opportunity!

Karishma was invited to join the Editorial Board of PLoS Global Public Health. 

This is a unique opportunity to foster the growth of a new open access journal for diverse research addressing global public health challenges and inequities.


Karishma presented two sessions at WMF 2021. In the session on Ethnopharmacology: Looking back to move forward with Dr. Freya Harrison from University of Warwick, UK, she presented the lab's research work on developing ancient indian wound remedies and modern biofilm therapeutics.

In the Profession of Microbiology session, she lead a discussion on How can international microbiologists' reinoculate their expertise back home?

Radhika received the Bill and Melinda Gates virtual travel award to offset registration costs at WMF 2021. She presented a poster on a preclinical platform to screen wound biofilm therapeutics.

Karishma presented the group's research at the India-Hongkong SPARC summit and HerStory (Biologically Speaking) Conference

She also had the opportunity to speak with M.Sc. students at the research seminar series organized by IBAB, Bangalore

Thank you for the interactions! 

Young Investigator Meeting - YIM 2021 

March 17-19, 2021

Postdoctoral Fellow Meeting

May 18 - 21, 2021

Karishma was part of the organizing committee of YIM 2021 and PDF Meeting 2021 with IndiaBioscience.

Thank you IndiaBioscience for the opportunity to plough back into the Indian science ecosystem!

Karishma was selected as a member of the Global Young Academy (GYA)

Thank you GYA, this is a tremendous opportunity!

Conversations on Mental Health in Science in India

In this two part series organized by IndiaBioscience, we aim to bring forth a discussion on mental health among PhD students, postdocs, young investigators, faculty in science in India. 

September - November, 2020

Karishma participated in the Sundowner Session on Grief in the Workplace

'Grief' is not only loss, it is any form of change, transition, situation that can impact mental health and well being.

July 2021

With BLiSC and COVIDgyan

How science outreach bridged my worlds as a scientist and mother

May 2021

Featured in Nature India!

'Swades for Scientists': 

The return to India journey 

Read this article based on a Return to India webinar conducted by Karishma and Snehal with colleagues across India

Webinar recording and slides can be found in the article

 Karishma was featured in the TLoS calendar 2021-2022.

Thank you Lab hopping! This is wonderful at so many levels!

 Radhika was selected to attend and present our work at the JRC virtual summer school on 'Non animal approaches in science' organized by the EU Science Hub.

Well done, Radhika! 

 With APC Microbiome Ireland, Karishma discussed recent updates in the group's research!

Thank you for the invitation!

February 23, 2021

 Karishma shared her research with teaching faculty across colleges and universities as a speaker in the Online Refresher Course for Biological Sciences conducted by Ruia College, Mumbai.

January 16, 2021

Wonderful engaging with faculty from all over India!

Karishma discussed the science behind COVID vaccines with the wider community!

Thank you DD NEWS for the opportunity! :)

Karishma participated in a US-India round table discussion on 

Fostering International Cooperation (2019).

The details of the India Alliance report can be found here.

The student led conference Hy-Sci 2020 hosted a panel of mentoring in academia.

As a new PI, Karishma enjoyed being a part of this!

Thanks all!

Karishma was invited to participate in a round table discussion organized by AIC-CCMB on 

Enabling Human-Relevant Biomedical Research in India

Snehal presented our work with historical antimicrobial remedies from ancient Indian medicine at the GW4 AMR Symposium, UK.

Great going Snehal!

Karishma was quote in this Forbes article on the impact of steep Open Access (OA) fees on LMIC researchers.

Thank you Dr. Madhukar Pai for the opportunity!

November, 2020

Karishma and Snehal guest curated the Superheroes against Superbugs twitter account on World Antibiotic Awareness Week!

Had a fun time putting together the material, and enjoyed some wonderful cartoons on antibiotic awareness made by young children!

Thanks India Alliance, CCMB and SaS!

November 18 - 25, 2020

Karishma shared her thoughts with OWSD early career fellows building an online profile for science and career advancement!

Thank you OWSD for the opportunity to share thoughts (and laughs) with your accomplished cohort of early-career fellows across Asia and Africa.

October 30, 2020

With SciSoup and Ratnesh, Karishma is writing a three-part blog series on women in science in India who returned to work after a career break!

In this second of the series, we feature career transition stories from women across India. What amazing women! 

October 14, 2020

Karishma shared her thoughts on mental health concerns in academic science in India in a country-wide survey on this very serious concern.

Karishma shared her thoughts on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on careers with UNESCO Delhi.

An honor to be featured with fellow colleagues from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Maldives.

Karishma is a Review Editor for the Biofilms section of Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology and Guest Editor for a special issue on 'Biofilms and Wounds' in Biomedicines

September 21, 2020

Sci-ROI 2020

New Faculty Perspectives Panel

Karishma shared her thoughts on the unique opportunities and challenges on the return to India beat.

September 12, 2020

Wonderful work Sci-ROI and all the best to our colleagues!

With SciSoup and Ratnesh, Karishma is writing a three-part blog series on women in science in India who returned to work after a career break!

In this first of the series, we feature the inspiring career and life story of Dr. Smita Jain, Executive Director, IndiaBioscience. 

September 6, 2020

Snehal wrote an article for SciSoup on the The What, When, Why, and How of Scientific Journals

Great work Snehal and Zille! 

A comprehensive read!

August 30, 2020

Snehal shared our work at the Young Microbiologists' Symposium (YMS) organized by the University of Southampton

Can you spot her?

August 28, 2020

Read our article on inspirational stories from Indian science professionals in the face of the pandemic!

Featuring a diverse range of professionals from scientists, to entrepreneurs, to public communication experts and young researchers.

Great working with Zill-e-Anam and Snehal!

Thank you Ratnesh and SciSoup for the opportunity!

August 23, 2020

Organoids and Organ-on-Chip Symposium

Snehal presented our work!

Proudly representing science in India!

August 11, 2020

Internships webinar with DST Rajasthan

A discussion with students on building opportunities for themselves, and looking to grow their professional skills!

Thank you DST Rajasthan for the opportunity!

August 12, 2020

Careers Outside Academia

A discussion with professionals who dared to venture outside academia to pursue their dreams!

Thank you to the panelists for giving us their time!

We hope our younger colleagues, and everyone else too, finds their 'ikigai' (secret to a long and happy career, in this case)! 

July 25, 2020

Return to India for Early-Career Investigators

A discussion with our colleagues from across the world on navigating the return to India journey!

We had 300 participants from US, UK, Japan, as well as rest of Europe!

Thank you to the panelists who readily agreed to make this happen. And to all our overseas colleagues - you brought the discussion to life! 

Best wishes on your onward journeys - wherever they take you!

July 12, 2020

Karishma is on the Editorial Board on Biofilm Journal (Elsevier)!

We look forward to expanding its reach and impact, and growing the field, particularly in India

July 9, 2020

Studying wound infections with human-relevant approaches

Thank you DMBC, MS University of Baroda for the opportunity.

Met a wonderful bunch of people!

July 6, 2020

Developing Human Relevant Research in India

Thank you to AIC-CCMB and Dr. Surat for the opportunity to discuss our approaches to studying wound biofilms in a human-relevant manner.

Great to hear Dr. Deepak Modi's work!

July 4, 2020

How engaging on social media rekindled our research!

Read on for how we choose to use social media as a professional tool to advance our research, and infuse positivity into academic science in India.

Thank you The Wire Science for the feature.

July 4, 2020

SciSoup Research Internship Blog!

Based on the interactions and insights from our successful webinar on research internships (see below), we have written a blog for young researchers (including a handy decision-making tool in the hunt for internships!)

Thank you Rajesh and Ratnesh, was great working with SciSoup!

June 30, 2020

Snehal and Vandana presented their work at the Innovative Science without Animals Summer School!

The presentations brought on some interesting discussions and questions!

June 24-27, 2020

Sundowner Session

New Fatigue

Karishma joined COVIDGyan to share her thoughts on 'keeping our minds safe' during unusual times.

Thanks for the opportunity!

June 26, 2020

Sundowner Session

SciComm: What's the new normal?

Karishma joined COVIDGyan to share her thoughts on the young minds outreach platform and thoughts on science communication going forwards

Thanks for the opportunity!

June 16, 2020

Karishma was the lead discussant with Dr. Partha Majumder on the "Evolution and Spread of nCOVID-19" webinar organized by DST Rajasthan.

June 10, 2020

Planning a PhD Abroad -

How? When? What now?

We teamed up with Dr. Chandana Basu and Abhijit Sreepada, to host a Webinar on how to prepare for a PhD outside India.

We had 100 participants and the session lasted two hours!

June 14, 2020

Snehal represented us at the Social Biofilms Network Meeting 2020!

She spent five great days listen to the latest work in the field of biofilms - 

Surface Sensing and Attachment, Biofilm Matrix, Biofilm Regulation, Biofilms and Infection, Emergent Properties of Biofilms.

June 1-5, 2020

Karishma for COVIDGyan on  Candidate Therapeutics for COVID. 

A rare occasion where she wore the hat of a doctor of clinical microbiologist!

Thanks COVIDGyan and Anusheela Chatterjee.

Great illustrations by Samhitha Kottamasu.

May 2020

Research Internships: Where? When ? How?

We teamed up with Dr. Nagraj Balasubramanisn and Omkar Joshi from IISER, Pune to host a Webinar for students and researchers to help them navigate the maze of research internships.

We had over 500 participants!!!

Many thanks to Nagraj for the idea and Omkar and Snehal for holding fort. 

Thank you to all the participants who brought the webinar to life!

May 15, 2020

Social Media as a Professional Tool for the Indian Scientist

We teamed up with Samatha Mathew from CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi, to host a Webinar on the use of social media as a professional tool in one's scientific career.

Thank you to Samatha and Snehal!

Thank you to all the participants!

May 22, 2020

Scientific Writing for Young Researchers

We hosted a Webinar on Academic Writing that covered critical issues such as building a structure for the paper, grammar check, referencing, plagiarism, and responding to reviewers comments.

We had over 100 participants! 

Many thanks to Dr. Nazera Rizwan for the idea and Snehal Kadam for the outstanding execution. Thank you, Vijay Vaishampayan for the photo!

April 30, 2020

Karishma shared her thoughts on a career journey of a physician-scientists with AIIMS Scientific Society 

Thank you AIIMS Scientific Society and Lajja Patel for the invitation!

This beautiful montage was created by Keerthana Kasi during the talk! What a unique form of appreciation!

April 2020

Karishma sharing her career journey with budding Indian physician-scientists' at the Developing Indian Physician-Scientists' Workshop CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi

Thank you India Alliance and CSIR-IGIB for the invitation!

February 2020

We shared our thoughts the importance of Social Communication in building a Science career at the International Summit in Women in STEM, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi 

Thank you DBT and Nature India for the invitation!

February 2020

India Science Festival, IISER Pune

Discussing the gender gap and leaky pipeline for women in STEM

January 2020

National Post Doc Symposium, IISER Pune

Discussing job opportunities on the Return to India beat

December 2019

Vandana and Devyani presented their research at the National Research Scholars' Meet (NRSM), Navi Mumbai, November 2019. 

Utkarsha and Rutuja presented their work at the International Conference for Translational Research, National Center for Cell Sciences (NCCS), Pune, October 2019. 

Eurobiofilms, Glasgow, 2019

Thank you SERB and CSIR for making this possible.

Proud presenting our work and representing Indian science!

September 2019

Ramalingaswami Conclave, NBRC, Haryana

Fantastic to meet other young PIs in India!

April 2019

Young Investigator Meeting (YIM), Guwahati, 2019

Enjoyed the entire meeting and a fascinating talk by Dr. Arvind Gupta

March 2019

Inaugural Lecture, Microbiology Students' Association, Garware College, Pune

Excellent audience Qs, future of Indian Science is in good hands!

July 2018