She knew that she had found the right lab when, during an interview, a potential supervisor tilted his computer screen towards her. “He showed me four or five e-mails he’d got that day from families — not from other scientists,” says Ivancevic. One asked about his research on the genetics of severe epilepsy in women and whether there had been any recent advances. “It didn’t matter if he published a paper that year or not,” she says. “He still would have answered those e-mails. That’s real-life impact right there.”

Karishma sharing her career journey with budding Indian physician-scientists' at the Developing Indian Physician-Scientists' Workshop CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi

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February 2020

We shared our thoughts the importance of Social Communication in building a Science career at the International Summit in Women in STEM, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi

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February 2020

India Science Festival, IISER Pune

Discussing the gender gap and leaky pipeline for women in STEM

January 2020

National Post Doc Symposium, IISER Pune

Discussing job opportunities on the Return to India beat

December 2019

Vandana and Devyani presented their research at the National Research Scholars' Meet (NRSM), Navi Mumbai, November 2019.

Utkarsha and Rutuja presented their findings at the International Conference for Translational Research, National Center for Cell Sciences (NCCS), Pune, October 2019.

Eurobiofilms, Glasgow, 2019

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Proud presenting our work and representing Indian science!

September 2019

Ramalingaswami Conclave, NBRC, Haryana

Fantastic to meet other young PIs in India!

April 2019

Young Investigator Meeting (YIM), Guwahati, 2019

Enjoyed the entire meeting and a fascinating talk by Dr. Arvind Gupta

March 2019

Inaugural Lecture, Microbiology Students' Association, Garware College, Pune

Excellent audience Qs, future of Indian Science is in good hands!

July 2018